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Hello, We're Workindoggz


Family Owned Since 2012

​We formed Workindoggz in 2012. As avid hikers and owners of a very problematic Malamute, we wanted to create a business focused on forming healthy lifestyles for high energy dogs. Initially, we took our clients (dogs) out to the best trails in the bay; walking them until THEY seemed tired and would trail-train them along the way. We believed that consistency in training paired with lots of exercise will lead your pup to a happy and healthy family member.

There's No Place Like Home

Creating a community with our dog owners and families has always been important to us. We don't just work with dogs and pass them back. We establish relationships with every owner to better understand each dog's needs. Photos and videos help bridge us closer because owners are able to see what their buddy did that day. We hope to continue that community-lifestyle as we begin this next chapter.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey! 


- Cody, Joe and Marie


Meet the Team


Cody Kulka

Dog dad, owner, ranger

"Stanislaus might be the greatest place ever!"


Carrie Seranella Aitken

CBO "Chief Bark Officer"


Marie Kulka

Campground Manager

"Wagging tails make for happy trails."


Joe Kulka

Seamus' uncle and favorite, Volunteer

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