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The Pop Up Shop

here's Workindoggz recent top product picks! Every month we showcase different products and tell you why we use them for our pups. 

Recent top picks

Cod skins are a great crunchy snack for our pups! Single ingredient, ocean wise approved wild caught, and lightly cooked and dehydrated at low temperatures. These are lean protein and a great choice to maintain muscle and are also low carb. We don't think they smell that bad either!

Our Workindoggz love pork ears! They are readily avalible to us and a great boredom buster. Pork ears are intended for light to moderate chewers but can be a good quick snack for those heavy chewers. We love these for our dogs because they are a great addition to a good dental hygiene routine (they scrape plaque while chewing)! 

P.S. Check out the online exclusive discount code!

Whether your vet recommends chicken and rice or your pup is just feeling a bit under the weather, we have a great product for you. Chicken and rice in a bag (just add water)! This freeze dried bland food is perfect for those upset tummy times. Can't have chicken? Check out the hamburger and rice!

Pro Tip: Keep a few of these on hand so you can be ready for your pup in a pinch!

Your dog would argue that treats are an essential part of their diet. Be confident in what they snack on and check out these high quality snacks.

Did you know that chewing releases endorphins in your dogs brain? Not only is it a great enrichment, but chews can offer a boost in dental hygiene and in nutrients. 

Ready for an adventure? Don't forget the essentials! 

Sometimes our dogs need a little boost. We strive to bring to you great products to help your pup. From prevention and staying strong to helping them when they're under the weather, you're there for them and we are too!

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