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During our hikes, we focus on positive reinforcement and consistent training to teach your dog good trail manners and basic commands. 


trail hike $25/dog

Our trail hikes are at least half an hour long and cover about 2 miles, providing ample opportunity for quality tree sniffing, boulder hopping, and space to reflect on the day. Added on to daycare or boarding services to add some extra enrichment.

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Adventure Hike $35/dog

Add on an adventure to your dogs daycare or boarding stay. Our Adventure Hikes are renowned for their challenging routes. These hikes span 3-5 miles across some of the most scenic trails in the East Bay. We suggest that only large breeds join us as we maintain a brisk pace to exhaust our high-energy dogs. 

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  • What time can I drop off and pick up?
    You are welcome to pick up or drop off your camper at anytime during our business hours from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Saturday. Sunday we are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm by reservation.
  • My dog has a health condition, is it still okay to bring them?
    We accept dogs with most non major health conditions.
  • Will you provide medication to my dog?
    Yes, with instructions regarding the medication we can administer it at no additional cost.
  • My dog doesn't like other dogs, can you still take them?
    Unfortunately, we can not accept boarding dogs that are not well acquainted with other dog. We do have some recommendations for other facilities that are able to provide one on one care!
  • My dog eats food that needs to be refrigerated, can you store it?
    Yes, we have overflow bulk freezers as well for any food that can not be stored in the fridge.
  • How many dogs are on a hike?
    It depends! Every hike has 1-2 park rangers (hikers), and they each have between 3-5 dogs each. Numbers vary based on available transport space.
  • What trails do you go on?
    Our hikers use a variety of trails through the Hayward and Castro Valley area. The trails they pick are based off many things such as the proximity to clients, weather and type of hike.
  • Will my dog be off leash?
    We have certain dogs that are cleared to be off leashed. We take off leash privileges very serious and have strict guidelines on how dogs can get there. Otherwise, ALL dogs are to be on leash.

Workindoggz strives to create a positive experience for our campers and their families. We are proud to treat our pack like family. For this reason we have a screening process for our hiking services to ensure we're the best fit for your pet. After submitting an inquiry request, if your pup seems like good fit we will reach out to schedule a meet and greet. The process can take an estimated 1-3 weeks. 

Hiking requirements

It's important to us that your furry camper is comfortable, safe and healthy through our hike. For hiking we require a few things:

  • Up to date vaccines including DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. Influenza is highly recommended along with current flea, tick and heart worm medication.

  • A meet and greet at daycare is required for fixed dogs and intact dogs under 8 months old. Free meet and greets are by appointment only.

  • All hiking dogs are taken out with provided secure collars and leashes. If your pup requires a different method for health reasons, please contact us to discuss options.

For more questions, please reach out and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns!

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