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Meet our trainer, Ria!


Ria got her first dog when she was 12 years old, which started her journey to becoming a dog trainer and helping bring more responsible owners into this world. She has been training for over 5 years. Her methods of training are Positive Reinforcement + Tools + Relationship Based. There are many different opinions on using training tools, but she likes to use them in the most humane way for dogs. Ria hopes to bring a fun training experience to dogs and their owners. 

Workindoggz Certified Program

Workingdoggz certified means that a dog can display the basic commands set by Workindoggz under most circumstances. The commands set are listed to the right.

Sessions for WRKDGZ Certification start at $70 per session until completion and 1 hour long. If your training needs fall outside these basics then please inquire with your needs for cost.

starting at $70 per session

- Sit
- Stay
- Name recall
- Clicker training
- Leash Obedience
- Leave it 

Workindoggz Group Classes

Workindoggz will once again be hosting Puppy Classes in 2022. Ria, our resident trainer, will host 5 sessions for level 1. Level 2 classes are now in session. 

NEXT CLASS: August 12th (previous consult required)


We have sessions starting every few months. Please inquire below to find the next available session.

$250 for 5 Classes

- Focus

- Touch

- Lure sit & down

- Verbal sit & down 
- Stay & Place
- Name recall
- Clicker training
- Leash Obedience
- Leave it 

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