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Our Trainer

Meet Ria!

She got her first dog when she was 12 years old, which started her journey to becoming a dog trainer and helping bring more responsible owners into this world. She has been training for over 5 years. Her methods of training are Positive Reinforcement + Tools + Relationship Based. There are many different opinions on using training tools, but she likes to use them in the most humane way for dogs. Ria hopes to bring a fun training experience to dogs and their owners. 


group classes

Workindoggz is hosting basic obedience group classes! During these classes, instruction will be given to the group about the foundations of obedience. Classes will cover commands and behaviors such as luring, loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, name recall and more! We have new sessions starting throughout the year. A free consultation is required prior to enrollment of group class. 

Level 1 puppy/basic obedience

$250 for 5 classes

Date and time: September 30th 10AM

Instructor: Ria Miesner


Level 2 intermediate obedience

$250 for 5 classes

Date and time: September 30th 11:30AM

Instructor: Ria Miesner

private lessons

Workindoggz certified program is awarded to pups and their owners who are able to understand a set of basic commands. You will have a consult with our trainer so we can be sure to understand your goals. Commands include:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Name response and recall

  • Leave it

  • Loose leash walking

Workindoggz Certified

$70 per lesson (1 hour)

Instructor: Ria Miesner


advanced training

Our trainers have a vast array of knowledge to help you achieve any goals. Please request a consult for any training that falls outside of basic obedience including but not limited to any behavior modification, reactivity, fearfulness, advanced obedience, and trick training. Prices vary.



Our trainer was Ria and she was hands down amazing! Call her a dog whisperer or something but she helped us so much with obedience training and her little teacher assistant, Corky, joined too to help supervise!

-Marissa C.

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